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9 minutes ago

How to build a website for free without WordPress

WordPress has long been king. But static sites and a few new hosting companies have made it easy and free to launch your own website without having to pay for the convenience of WordPress. Follow along as we get a free website up and running.

3 weeks ago

How to Play Ace of Spades

An incredible drinking game that gets you drunk whilst having fun with friends. Got a spare bottle of spirits or two lying around? This game is for you.

4 weeks ago

Lessons in Wealth from the fall of the Vanderbilts

Within seventy years of his death, the last of the great Vanderbilt mansions on Fifth Avenue had been destroyed. When 120 of the Commodore's descendants gathered in 1973 for the first family reunion, there was not a millionaire among them.

1 month ago

(ARSCI) My Note Taking System

A system for getting the most our of physical books - how to take notes and act on what you read.

1 month ago

The American Road Trip Part 1

A travel series recounting my trip around the west coast of the USA in 2015.

1 month ago

9 Things I love about TailwindCSS

TailwindCSS is the best css framework I've used period. Perhaps you should consider using it in your projects. Here is why.

1 month ago

Tripping on the Third hurdle and Calling it Quits

Having raised money, and garnered some customers we were well on track to raising a full seed round before the ground fell from beneath us - my startup story.

4 months ago

Jumping the first hurdle & making it to launch

This is a photo of me and my fellow founder Justin, taken shortly after we finished our degrees at Exeter university.